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BFing and mammogram

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I'm having a mammogram today and they asked me to pump ahead of time to make sure my breasts were "empty."

The catch is that my DS doesn't nurse days, and I never feel full until late evening; even at 1opm or so I'm not uncomfy after not BFing since 7am. If I do as they ask, I'd be pumping at 1:30pm or so, when normally at that time I do no BFing or pumping. With a 21 month old, it feels more like my breasts mainly make milk on demand, and not much ahead of time, KWIM?

So my concern is that if I pump (or nurse) midday as they suggest, I might end up with fuller breasts as they'll make milk in response...

But maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts?
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What time is your mammogram? It wouldn't mess you up just to pump for a day, I think the rationale is that they can see everything more clearly if your breasts have been drained. X-rays go easily through fluid though and i've never personally seen a mammogram of a lactating mom compared to one who is not. Also, if you are young, your breasts will be very dense and it's harder to see abnormalities in a young dense breast.

However, I can understand your point that your body is probably very well accustomed to when DS nurses and you might not need to. You could do it, and see what happens, I'm thinking at 21 months, if this has been your usual pattern, it probably won't hurt anything.
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