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BFing and menses

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Hi, This might be a silly question but do people usually get their periods back after a while, while still BFing? I have low milk supply and on domperidome and goats rue. For some reason, I keep thinking I should have gotten it back by now (DD is 6m old).
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It took me 28 months last time and this baby is 18 months old, with not sign of AF returning. Some women get it back in a month or two, some go years, it can all be normal.
I got mine back at 15 months after Griff was born. That was when he night-weaned.

Back at 10 mos after Reese was born, when he suddenly decreased his nursing because he got interested in solids (hadn't really eaten any solids before that). I'm semi-regular now but have LONG and very light periods, like 2+ weeks of spotting but never really getting heavy enough for a pad/cup. It's annoying but I figure that it has to do with BFing hormones.
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