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Davey is at the point now when it comes to taking a bath, which he does in the big bathtub, he want to stand and crawl around.
: Scares me to death so a lot of time I will just take a bath with him to insure that he doesn't hurt himself. Anyway the other night he was sitting next to me playing and all of the sudden started staring at my boobs (we call them nummies) and looked very serious then he leaned in and attempted to suckle but changed his mind, he did this several times and so I changed position so it would be easier for him to eat (normally I wouldn't encourage eating in the bathroom
but I wouldn't deny him nummies in the bath) and all of the sudden he reaches over and grabs the nummie and it quirts milk at him
(not in the eye thankfully) and this both shocked and delighted him. He found it very amusing.
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