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BFing my 2 y/o - Are others still really hungry?

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I'm not nearly as horribly ravenous as I was when I first started BFing. I'm just HUNGRY. I'm overweight and haven't lost the weight from the pregnancy, and I feel a little defeated because any time I try to reduce my caloric intake I just end up STARVING and light-headed and grumpy as all get out. I used to eat too much because I like food but now I feel like I am eating because I'm hungry and I'm hungry frequently.
: Being a working mommy, exercising all my calories away isn't as possible as it used to be.


DS is 2 y/o. Do other extended bfing mums find they are STILL hungry?
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Yes, although am trying to gradually wean 26 mo, so not as hungry. She has nursed only three times a day for a few months and I find I get hungriest immediately after nursing. This is why I've been unable to lose weight. Well, I went on an elimination diet for DD's food sensitivities for eight months and was down to my ideal weight. Then I added foods back, and gained the weight I lost through the diet.
Totally! I am in the same boat. DH used to eat circles around me (the skinny UAV!
) but now I often find I HAVE to eat at odd times, because I am stinkin' hungry! It's not nearly as bad as when DD was a newborn, but it's not THAT different, either. I just try to focus on healthy food, and work out when I can. What can you do?
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Yes!! me too!

I'm a good 20-30 lb over what I'd like to be, but I just can't stop eating! Another problem is that DD is high needs so I never seem to have time to prepare healthy food, so I end up grabbing easy food that's not so good for you.

I"m just hoping that as she gets older and nurses less and is more independent I'll be able to eat less, and more healthily.

I'm still hungry.

Not ravenous, like I was in the beginning but definitely suffer from hunger pangs and whatnot if I don't eat often or enough.

I try to make sure that my calories are nutrient rich and full of fiber, like avocado on whole grain toast with a piece of turkey on top, or whole grain cereal with ground flax seed and berries, etc.

But still, I cannot lose the weight and I cannot not eat.

Its a bit disconcerting because I have PCOS and am TTC #2 and I know that losing some weight would help but I don't think that's going to happen until I wean. Something neither of us is ready for.
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How is your fat intake? This may sound counterintuitive, but you may need to replace some of the carb calories with fat calories. I'm talking about saturated fat from clean beef or coconut oil or raw fat sources like from avocados and raw nuts. Fat not only gives you a feeling a fullness, but the healthy fats in food actually help to burn fat in your body.

The partially hydrogenized fats in processed foods will make weight loss next to impossible.

If you are eating as healthy as you possibly can, then I would say just do the best you can to exercise and not worry about your weight. Your LO will stop nursing eventually, then you can focus on cutting down your caloric intake.

To answer your question,
yes, I nursing 2-1/2 yo DS definitely increases my appetite.
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Yes, still hungry. I always have to eat a bowl of cereal right before bed or I will wake up in the middle of the night with a growling stomach, even though DS rarely nurses during the night anymore.
I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant, so of course I'm hungry, but before I got pregnant I was still totally hungry all the time breastfeeding my dd. I was back to my normal weight shortly after dd's birth, so weight hasn't been a problem for me...although exercising has!
Not so much hungry, just really really really thirsty.

I never used to carry water with me, and since DS was born, I don't even feel bad about buying bottled water or juice anymore, if I forget to bring it from home. (He's 2 now.)

all. the. time.

so far, I think I've kept from gaining, but I am definatly not losing. this is the second time around, so I don't think I'll make much headway until after ds2 weans. which might be forever. . .
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: Me Too!

My DD is 9mths but I can't stop the hunger pains! Still have the last 10-15lbs to loose but they are not going anywhere!!!! I eat REAL foods with REAL ingreadents not loaded with fake processed junk but still the weight is not going anywhere since I eat a TON each day.
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Me too!

I am always hungry just like I was when DS was a newborn. He still nurses 8+ times a day so I am attributing to that, but I feel like a pig sometimes when I eat more than DH and then 2-3hrs later I am starving again. It is worse right before I get AF too. Glad to know its not just me.
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