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BH question

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Okay, so this isn't my first pregnacy, but IS my first experience with BH. I've heard that people are to look out for PTL by making sure that they aren't having more than 4 BH in an hour. Now, I've been checked recently and am not dilating and further and am having WAY more than 4 an hour. Is this just hooey-pooey or am I really supposed to be keeping track of how many I have in a certain period of time?

FTR, I'm 34.5 weeks....
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i sometimes had 4 in 15 minutes!

when you notice you seem to be having quite a few braxton hicks contractions, drink a big glass of water (at least 8 oz) and change your body position (if you are standing a lot, sit or lie down; if you are laying down, sit or stand up).

if the sensation of them starts to change to more crampy or requiring more than just stopping your activity for less than a minute, start paying more attention to them and increase your water intake even more over the course of the day.

also, are you drinking any red raspberry leaf or pregnancy tea? a friend of mine noticed that she had very frequent braxton-hicks in the few hours after she would drink pregnancy tea. i had no stomach for herbal teas during my pregnancy so i don't know what my experience would have been.

as long as babe is moving around and kicking/punching (do you know what a kick chart is? a lot of pregnancy books have info on them or you can google it) and the pattern of the braxton-hicks is affected by drinking more and/or changing your activity, you are probably just fine. if, however, you feel like something is wrong, always go with your gut and give your care provider a call for some more info or reassurance. if you have a history of preterm labor, i'm sure it's stressful to think about these "practice" contractions as possibly being the "real" thing.

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