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<p>I have far too many books and must sell some to make room and money ;). I am starting them all at about half the new price (unless priced otherwise for rare/ HTF books), and that includes media rate shipping within the US. Let me know if you have any questions, they are from our non smoking home but we do have pets. Some are older books and have shelf wear, let me know if you need specifics on a particular book.<br><br>
Having a Baby Naturally by Peggy O mara, corners worn $9<br><br>
The Complete Guide to Homeopathy (great book!!) by Andrew Locke and Nicola Geddes, spine scuffed, $9<br><br>
The Complete Book Of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger, no dustjacket, older book, HC, $6<br><br>
The Womens History of the World, a great fascinating read, by Rosaling Miles, some creasing on cover $5<br><br>
The Womens Retreat Book by Jennifer Louden, $8.50<br><br>
The Wounded Woman by Linda Schierse Leonard $4.50<br><br>
Alternative Health Care for Women by Patsy Westcott and Dr Leyardia Black, signed by Dr Black $6.<br><br>
Taking Charge of you Fertility by Toni Weschler, sticker residue on front, large paperback 12-<br><br>
The Pregnancy Cookbook, by Hope Ricciotti and Vincent Connelly, also for while nursing a child, 8-<br><br>
The Circle by Laura Day signed by author, 9.50<br><br>
Calling the Circle by Christina Baldwin , The First and Future Culture, 8.50<br><br>
Your Body believes Every Word You Say, (the language of the mind / body connection), by Barbara Hoberman Levine, 6.50<br><br>
Into The Mouths of Babes (a natural foods nutrition and feeding guide for infants and toddlers) by Susan Tate Firkaly 5.50<br><br>
Birth Tradtion and Modern Pregnancy Care, by By Jacqueline Vincent Priya, very interesting and about different cultures and beliefs, 6-<br><br>
Unassisted Childbirth by Laura kaplan Shanley SIGNED/ autographed by author, rare book, 40-<br><br>
The Heroines Journey by Maureen Murdock (womens quest for wholeness) 6-<br><br>
Your Childs Growing Mind by Jane M Healy, worn, 4.50<br><br>
Spiritual Midwifery By Ina My Gaskin, like New 4th edition, 14-<br><br>
Pregnancy Sickness, by Margie Profet, (using your bodys natural defenses to protect your baby to be) 6-<br><br>
Natural Child Care by Maribeth Riggs a complete guide to safe and effective herbal remedies and holistic health strategies for infants and children, 8-<br><br>
Your Baby and Child from Birth to age 5, by Penelope Leach creased cover, heavy book 12-<br><br>
Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer, the gentle wisdom of natural infant hygiene, rare/ HTF 40-<br><br>
Bradshaw on: The Family, a revolutionary way of self discovery, by John Bradshaw, 5.50<br><br>
Whole Child/ Whole Parent, by Polly Berrien Berends ('the best book I know on the psychology of child raising...."), 6.50<br><br>
Enhancing Fertility Naturally by Nicki Wesson, 8-<br><br>
Your fertility Signals by Merryl Winstein, using them to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, 6.50</p>
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