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OK ill try to shorten this as much aspossible.. Of course DH and I parent like most of you.. we dont beleive in crying it out etc. Well i come from a family of ANTI breastfeeders and i say that cause nobody even attempted to try. Kai is 7.5 months and we feed him stuffif he goes for it .. However DH and I dont do dairy adnd family thinks he NEEDS milk, cheese etc. They wouldbe the type to sneak and give it to him. Well the newest thing is they think we have him in a bubble..I dont need to justify myself however Ill say we do playgroups,yoga, LLL meeting.Alot I beleive for a lil one LOL
... BUt i think thye beleive hes ina bubble cause:
1we treat him homeopathecs
#2 beliefs of fevers are good not bad
#3 dont need to rush to the DR if you got a lil cold
#4 at 7.5 months there NO Need and NO excuse hwy he should watch TV
#5 if we dont wish for a certain extravagant toy that means WE dont want it( they think its hurting our son by not lettting him have say ELMO , A Big electronic toy ( ill be honest he has plastics ) but we rather have fewer quality then quantity.
#6 We breastfeed thereis no comparing to bottlefeeding
#7 cosleeping ( hell never learn on his own)
#8 always hold him or play on the floor right next to him very rarely hes byhimself on the floor( htey think he needs independence)

So as you can see im going through what most of us probablyhave gone through at one point or another .the thing is how do i handle this..they think IM NUTS, IVE CHANGED and IM SMOOTHERING AND KEEPING HIM IN A BUBBLE
i almost wanna write a letter to my parents and sisters family even though they are 20 minutes away...... I just odnt know what to write.. I guess im just venting right now but i just dont know what to do anymore. i dont wanna avoid them as they are my family but as Kai gets older things are more noticably different in how we choose to raise him..... PLease give me somekind of advice or some way i can write a letter etc.... Oh and hte part abotu the types of toys wish for him to have they are the type that will buy just the opposite. HA I cant wait for Kais bday ( posted under life with babe) onhow we are going about hsi party.. they are really gonna think im crazy and probably make comments IM soooooo :MAD but also :SAD
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