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lol, yeah I have to go with the Captain.

Ultimately, the bottom line is this: it's your child and your right to raise him the way you see fit. They had (or will have) their chances with their own kids.

Sometimes you just have to be firm with them. Be proactive. When the subject comes up, change the subject immediately and don't even be subtle about it.

"So, when are you going to put Kai in a crib"
"Hey mum, did you catch the weather report? We're supposed to be getting a big storm!"

I'm serious. Just be stubborn as hell, and if they push it say "I have already told you these things are not up for discussion. We've made our decisions and there is nothing left to say". Then switch the conversation again.

It's like conditioning...eventually they will get it. And in the meantime, it might even be kind of fun!
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