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I agree with Laralou that most people just really want to be heard.

I can listen to what people say, acknowledge it and then filter out everything I choose.

They won't change unless they want to and you will probably not ever be able to say or write anything that will change them. You can change how you react (or don't react). I usually just listen very intently, say, "that's an interesting point" or something like that and then drop the whole conversation.

For some reason, parenting seems to be the one arena where everyone feels they are an expert.....whether they've raised children years ago, never had children or are raising children at the time.

You do not have to listen to, take the advice of or justify anything you do regarding your parenting decisions.

BTW, I find that when I was choosing "different" options than my family was used to, it took them some time to come around. The first year or so they were quite vocal and now they rarely say anything.
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