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I awoke at about 3:30 Wednesday morning (15w2d)...totally out of the blue I was wide awake on my back (which was weird in itself because I sleep on my side/front against dh or a pillow). I was kinda queasy and I automatically put my hands to my belly. There was a gigantic, firm bump right below and to the left of my belly button! I mean totally sticking straight up!

This was really exciting for me as I haven't (definitively) felt the baby move yet, and I hadn't yet been able to feel exactly where the baby was in my uterus. I kept my hands there for awhile, and I was having sensations like my stomach turning over, but I couldn't actually make out the baby moving. I woke up dh who felt the bump for awhile and said he thought he felt movement, but it was the middle of the night and we were both half-asleep so it could have been wishful thinking.

When I got up in the morning I could still feel the bump but it was more towards the middle and not sticking up so much. I also felt it in the same place last night when I was watching a movie, but not as clearly as the first night.

So the thing I think is weird about this is that I have been able to feel the actual baby there (at least I think that's what it is!), but I still can't feel the baby moving! Has anyone experienced this before? It seems very odd to me. If the baby is right there, out enough so I can feel him/her why can't I feel his/her movements?

My fundus is pretty high for how far along I am, it comes right to the bottom of my navel. I also felt what could have been a kick during the day yesterday. It felt like my belly right below my navel popped out sharply for a second. It definitely didn't feel like gas or anything else I've ever experienced. But it hasn't happened again since. And I didn't think I would feel kicks before I felt the flutters. What else could it be?

Anyway, I'm just confused and fascinated by all this first pregnancy stuff, and I'm hoping some of you moms who have been there can shed some light on this.
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