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Big Mistake - ANTS are taking over!!

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I have some unruly, huge plants in my garden that I hated and wanted to get rid of, so, this spring, I stomped them all down and covered them with newspapers and bricks. it has worked for the most part (still going to have to work on the lovage which pushes the bricks over and gets through) but I pulled up a corner of newspaper to see how it was going and there was (is) a major ant infestation. Thousands of them. It's a little scary. I think I traded one problem for another.

My question is - does anyone know what kind of environment ants like?? I thought the didn't like too much water but it's really wet in the garden and they are obviously thriving.
Also, if anyone has any ideas about getting rid of ants i'm all ears.

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well, the ants here in Ontario seem to like everything, including the dishwasher

I know that my mum used to pour a kettle of boiling water over the ants nest and that seemed to do the trick - a little drastic though...

Good luck!
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Well, they are in the house too. not too bad right now, but we've been battling them since we moved in. dd (1 yr old) tries to pick them up with her fingers - it's a good thing they're fast.

I have tried boiling water in the past and may do that again. I read a back post which suggested peppermint e.o., lavendar e.o. and soap, so I think I will try that. plus probably removing the newspaper I had put down - I was hoping it would degrade and be part of the soil for planting next year.

cedar mulch or better yet cedar heartwood sawdust.

Last year we had ants coming in under the front door - I rubbed the doorframe down with lavender oil and then sprayed around the door outside with vinegar. Seemed to do the trick - I watched the ants head towards, sniff, then turn around.
Every summer we have ants take over the house ... I remember opening the cubard last summer and having ants rain down on my head .... remember to wash the outside of your honey jar!!!!!

anyways we did the whole posion ant traps and it took care of the problem pretty well ... I was wondering though ... they are starting to come back now this year and was looking for an alternative to the posion ant trap thing ... I have no idea where they are coming from ... just that we see them all over.

Laying in bed this moring with ds and dw and she nearly slapped me in the face trying to get one off of our ds ....LOL!!!!!

Any suggestions?????
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