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I am offering different things to trade up for the clothes in this thread. I have , posted an adjusted (adjusted by condition, ect.) price for each item, just so you know about how much a trade should be worth, or if you just want to buy it. The brand new items, are adjusted at $1 or more off of their normal price. All items are accurately described. The links to the pictures are stock photos, and not the photo of my actual items.

I Have:

*TAKEN*- Magnovox DVD Player w/remote *Like New* $70.00
I am selling this because evn though I only got it a few months ago, I don't watch movies much, and therefore I have no DVD's. I have only used it a couple of times to play my music cd's.

- American Heart Association Around the World Cookbook *Brand New*
$ 20.00
Never used. It has been sitting on a book shelf since I got it. It has a lot of health and delish international recipes recommended by the American Heart Association.

- Essential Baking, by Carol Clements *Brand New* $8.50
Never used. Has lots of recipes for biscuits, bars,muffins, tea breads, yeast breads, pies, tarts, and cakes.

- Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul *Used* $4.00
It is in used condition. The inside is in very good condition. The outside is a little worn. Basically it looks like it has been read, on the outside.

- American Heart Association To Your Health! *Brand New* $5.00
This is a book/workbook, by the American Heart Association.It is a guide to heart-smart living. It has tons of information and activities to help you change your lifestyle for a better heart.

- Blue's Clues Blue's World of Words *Brand New* $8.00
I ordered this online, thinking that I may have been able to use it for my son, as a teaching tool. I got it in the mail, and it turns out, it is made for bigger little ones. There are lots of "scenes" in this book with well illustrated pictures, and by these pictures are the names of each object. Great teaching tool for toddlers, to learn about their evryday surroundings. The scenes in this book are : bedroom, kitchen, Blue's house, school, seasons, playground, grocery store, living room, backyard, bathroom, and bedtime.

- What to Expect When You're Expecting *Used* $5.00
The inside is in good shape, with a few folded down pages, and the outside looks like it has been read. This book was psassed down to me by a friend.

- The Baby's Bedtime Book *Brand New* $10.00
Full of stories and poems to read to baby or toddler at bedtime.

- Winnie the Pooh Bear Book Set *Brand New* $10.00
This set is made of 4 little books with the following titles:
Pooh Goes Visiting
Eeyore Has a Birthday
Pooh and Some Bees
Tigger Has Breakfast
Unlike most small books, these books actually have a full story in them, plus with the size of them they are perfect to put in a diaper bag, or under a stroller, to keep little ones entertained when you are out.

- Round and About Book Set *Brand New* $15.00
This is a set of 3 books teaching shapes, numbers, and baby animals. They are made so that each new page that you turn to has a little line, and you and your child figures out what picture you need to turn the little spinning tool at the back of the book to, match it.

- Action Cartooning *Brand New* $7.00
This is a great book for kids who like cartoons. It actually teaches them how to draw step by step. It has very easy to follow step by step directions with pictures for each step.

- Baby Blue's Clue's Book Set I *Brand New* $16.00
This set includes the following books:
Guess who Loves Blue
Counting with Blue
Blue's Friends

- Baby Blue's Clue's Book Set II *Brand New* $12.00
This set includes the following books:

- Sleepytime Songs *Brand New* $2.00
This is a cassette tape with bedtime songs. The songs that are on the tape are below:
Cuddle Up a Little Closer,Lovely Mine
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Wyken Blyken and Nod
Golden Slumbers
Down in the Valley
Rock-a-bye Baby
All Through the Night
Good Night
Brahms: Lullaby
Pachelbel: Canon in D
Satie: Gymnopedies No. 1
Liszt: Nocturne #3
Bach: Sheep May Safely Graze
Mozart: Andante Grandioso
Vivaldi: Guitar Concerto in D Major

- Baby Einstein Book Set *Brand New* $17.00
This set contains 4 books:
Language Nursery
See and Spy Shapes
See and Spy Counting
Neighborhood Animals

Elephant Book Ends *Brand New* $5.00
Two Elephant books ends

What I can use:
0-3 boy's baby clothes
0-6 boy's baby clothes
Anything else that may be helful to a newborn boy, and his mommy that may interest me
or you can purchase the item that you want

I would love to see pics if you have 'em, and it would be great, if the items could be sent out and received (guesstimate) within two weeks of the agreed upon trade date.

Let me know if anything peaks your interest!!!...
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