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Bikes with gears

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At what age do children start to use bikes with gears? My oldest will be eight soon and her brother will soon be 6. Both will need new bikes this year and I don't know if we should be thinking about bikes with gears for the oldest, both or neither. Clearly, they'll need to learn how to use the handbrakes as well. Thanks!
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We plan on getting ds1 a bike with gears this spring. He'll be 7-1/2. Last year he really started to get the hang of riding and his old bike is too small so we need to buy a new one anyways. He is really excited to have a bike just like dad
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It depends on the coordination level of the child, not the age. Take them somewhere they can have a test ride and see how they do.
DS needed a new bike a couple of years ago so we got him a Trek mountain bike with gears. I wanted him to have gears to make it easier for him to go up hills. He was almost 6 when he got it and he has done wonderful with it. And it has really helped his riding.
My 7yo has a 20" bike without gears or handbrakes (cruiser style) and can ride for 10 miles or more with no problem. My 4yo (been riding without training wheels since 2) got a new 16" bike for his bday which has hand brakes, and he can use them. It also has foot brakes in case he forgets!
Not all adults ride bikes with gears or hand brakes, so they certainly aren't necessary. I'd say most kids could use them around 6.
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