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bikini area help!

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ok, so every summer i dread bathing suit time because i have such bikini area trouble. my hair down there is so coarse & thick if i shave i get major red bumps for days afterwards that look horrible, besides the fact that the hair starts to grow back in like 1 day
, then i have to wait like 4 days for it to grow out enough to shave again. i have used nair out of desperation and it worked ok, but that stuff just smells SO nasty that it must be horrible for you, so i refuse to use it again. i know i'll be going to the pool a lot this summer as ds loves the water and i need help!i wish i could afford laser hair removal, but that's completely out of the question!! i've never gotten waxed or used any of those gadgets? any recommendations?
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about a year or so ago, I started getting waxed at a salon- loved the results. The first time was pretty painful, but not unbearable- every time after was easier, especially if I made it every 6 weeks or so.
how long does the waxing stay smooth for? i've just always avoided it as i was afraid it wouldn't last very long with me since the hair is dark & coarse.
i love waxing - wow, awesome results. you have to make sure you exfoliate afterward, though, until it grows back and you can do it again.

some women learn how to wax their own bikini areas, but that's a bit harder.

if you go to a salon, maybe take an advil an hour or so beforehand the first time.

i totally recommend waxing, though. or even plucking with tweezers if you have an hour or so on your hands - i do that often, actually.

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how long does the waxing stay smooth for? i've just always avoided it as i was afraid it wouldn't last very long with me since the hair is dark & coarse.
mines moderately dark and coarse - results last about two-three weeks or so, and then the hair is finer when it grows back because it's a new hair, not a cut hair.
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I use a coconut oil/olive oil combo as shaving cream and it decreases irritation by 75% and gets a closer shave. I shave every 3 days or so. You can always shave, go in your bathing suit one day. And if you go back to the pool before you can shave again wear boyshorts, a swim skirt, or just shorts or a longer shirt over your suit. That's what I will end up doing this year since I have hair just like yours, sounds like. Athleta, LL Bean all sell cute suits with boyshorts, swim skirts, and swim shorts (shorts with attached bikini underneath).
I adore waxing. The longer you do it for, the finer and thinner hair grows back. For me, I started at getting a wax done every 5 weeks (hair started to grow back after 2-3 weeks), now Im up to needing them every 9-10 weeks (hair startes to grow back at like 4-5 weeks, but slowly..).

It did hurt the first time, but mostly because I think I expected it to hurt..after being ripped out..down there.

The key is to find someone who knows what they are doing. The lady who does mine is a nice older european lady who talks to me and has a normal conversation as she is doing it. She doesnt make it awkward - which is nice. And it takes her literally...less then two minutes to do it, then puts some nice soothing cream on my hands, leaves the room and cream soothes and prevents the udnerwear from sticking to any residue wax.

I would NEVER wax myself. I would end up having to go over the same area several time and thats just not cool.

Also, if you use one of those coarse brushes (or anything coarse) and brush the area in a shower, you will take away dead skin cells and what not and prevent ingrown hairs (I do this on my armpits as well). It also helps the hair grow in straighter which makes for an easier wax. All tips from my wonderful waxer.
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I swear by magic shaving powder blue... like this it's like nair, only more effective for the bikini area and less irritating and toxic smelling.
never heard of this shaving powder..., it's cheap enough will have to give it a try!
I loved waxing but had to stop due to costs and so forth. Now my solution is wearing a skirt type bottom or board shorts! Don't have to worry and all is hidden!
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