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bio-kleen carpet cleaner

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I am thinking about buying some for my steam cleaner, has anybody tried it?
What did you think?

I am also open to other suggestions
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I've never tried it but i like the idea of havign carpets cleaned with all natural is, after all, what my babies crawl around on all day!

Do you mean the enzyme cleaner ??

I like it for my carpets --check for color fastness-
I used it with 10% warm water in my Kirby -I thought it smelled great & brightened up my carpets .
I haven't found their steam cleaning solution, but I did use their Bact-Out (I think that's what it's called). It was my last resort when dealing with a cherry cider stain on my white carpet and it was the only thing that worked--I'd tried conventional cleaners the night before after DD went to bed. I am ALWAYS going to have a bottle of this stuff around!!!!
wow, we've only been using Bac-out in the laundry room. i'm gonna have to branch out!!


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The carpet cleaner can be found here:

This is also the place I've found to be the cheapest for Bac-out online. I've ordered twice and no problems so far

Jazmommie, I meant the actual carpet cleaner. I've used the enzyme stuff on cat pee and it works great.
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Thanks for the link
I use the wool wash also-good prices on Bio kleen.
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