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Hi...I have a naturopathic doctor that we mostly use for my son who is
"mildly" autistic (thanks to our ND!). She uses biofeedback assessment to determine what's going on. It TOTALLY rocks! I used it once for myself when I had severe stomach pains and nausea...within 8 seconds of the biofeedback, she was able to tell me I had H Pylori (a virus that causes ulcers).

Anyway...even though i totally believe in this...I have NO IDEA how it works! I recently convinced my dad to do an assessment because his PSA count was really high and the docs thought he could possibly have an infection...and if it's not an infection, it could be early stages of prostate cancer. So the doc prescribed antibiotics for three weeks and he's supposed to do another PSA tomorrow. If number is still high...then a biopsy would be done. In the meantime, my dad did a biofeedback assessment with our ND last Thursday...and he got started on some supplements. The ND said he still had prostate inflammation.

After he got home, he got to thinking about all this, and cannot possibly fathom how the ND can learn all this just by my dad placing his hand on a computer (hand cradle, connected to a computer...kinda like a mouse).
And so he finds lots of anti-naturopathy quackwatch stuff online and he's convinced himself that he was ripped off, conned, duped, etc...and he's REALLY TICKED OFF! REALLY MAD!

More importantly than him not understanding...I'm afraid he'll go ahead with a biopsy if his number is still high, instead of waiting a month after being on the supplements.

Can anybody give me a good explanation of the assessment...or any advice
I can offer my dad?

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