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Unfortunately, the cynic in me thinks the GOPers are probably worried that the Iraq albatros will drag them down for 2006:

"Today, a small, bipartisan group of lawmakers, led by a Republican who supported the war, plans to introduce a resolution calling for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq beginning in October 2006. The effort follows a bid by Democrats to require the Bush administration to draw up, within 30 days, an exit plan. The Democrats' bill was swept aside in committee and is unlikely to reach the House floor for a vote.

"But the bipartisan resolution, sponsored by Representative Walter Jones Jr., a North Carolina Republican, could prove a more nettlesome challenge for Bush's congressional allies.

"With polls indicating that public support for the war has dwindled, more lawmakers who supported the use of force in Iraq are openly voicing their concerns about the lack of a clear, publicly stated plan to set limits on the US presence there. Last week, the House International Relations Committee voted 32-9 to call on Bush to develop a strategy to leave Iraq. The White House rejects the idea, believing such a policy would only encourage the Iraqi insurgency.

"The political maneuvers are being made amid continuing violence in Iraq and the recent controversy over a British government memo that called into question the Bush administration's motives for going to war. Some prominent Republicans seem worried that if Republicans vote for the bipartisan bill in substantial numbers -- even if, in the end, the bill is defeated -- it would be embarrassing for the administration and would undermine Bush's authority.

"Jones, who once made headlines by pushing to rename french fries ''freedom fries" to protest French opposition to the war, will offer the resolution urging Bush to start bringing US forces home in October 2006. By that date, Jones said, the numbers of trained Iraqi security forces should be sufficient to keep order and protect their own country."

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