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Bipolar disease

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hi! I'm new to this but I need someone's advice please.Out of 7 immediate family members,there is only myself and my mother.My mother is bipolar and it is sooooo difficult to deal with her.I never know how she will react or say or do.I always have to weigh how to tell her bad news cause I never know how she will react.
At times I even have to lie a bit,because if I tell her the truth.It would send her to a mental hospital.And I have no way to go visit her or bring her clean clothes and such.I am under so much stress having to take care of her.Plus everything else I have to do.
Can anyone please tell me what to do?At times I get soooo frustarated at her.According to the "State of Texas".I am not allowed to tell her what to do,where she can or cannot go,how to dress (even if she looks like a bag lady),or what to eat.
She has multiple health issues,and goes to the Drs. but doesn't do what they say to do.I am very concerned about her health,but my hands are tied.Can anyone please give me advice about dealing with my mother so I can keep my sanity.Thank you and God bless you all.
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I'm not sure how the mental health system is set up in Texas but would it be possible for your mom to live in some kind of an adult group home. This would allow her to have staff to help her out and it would lighten your burden.
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