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Bird Flu and Sambucol: A Natural Alternative?

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I was just doing some research on Sambucol since I am officially in love with it (thanks to Gitti and her recommendations). I happened upon this article and I was wondering if anyone had any input or additional comments regarding the effectiveness of Sambucol when used to treat the bird flu.

Here's the link:
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All flu originates from birds from my understanding.

Didn't read it.

Back later....
Dear Lava
The "bird flu or avian flu" is a giant media hyped hoax.
Manipulated into the mass media to market "TAMIFLU" sales by big pharma Roche (president of Roche " Rumsfeld") He has a giant share of the stockshares. Anyway you can read more at
(searchbox type; bird flu hoax.............avianflu......Tamiflu.......)
There is NO PANDEMIC of bird flu.

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