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Birth Certificate?

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6 months ago, My wife and I performed a uc home waterbirth. we never registered the birth, and now we need to. how can we obtain a backdated birth certificate?
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it depends on where you live but mainly, from what I understand, you need to have a signed letter from some sort of medical professional that she really was pregnant, then you need to fill out forms. There are websites about getting a BC. Good luck!
If you look at the 'stickies' above, you'll see helpful birth threads. If you click on that, the first post has a link to a thread about birth certificates in different states and countries.
You may encounter some trouble having waited so long.
I waited about six months and had no problems, I also didn't have to show proof of pregnancy, but the laws vary state to state. Here's a link to the thread with a lot of info, please come back and post your experience as well, to help someone in the future!

good luck!
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