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So.. never been on birth control before. This was my first baby and definitely have to pick a birth control soon, my doctors appt is next week. I suck at taking pills. I was thinking Mirena because it is supposed to work for 5 years and you don't have to take anything. I'm not sure.. I've heard a lot of horror stories of some that have terrible side effects and cause a lot of weight gain.

What birth control do you guys use/recommend?
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I know you said you suck at taking pills, so this might not be helpful. We decided to do the mini-pill. Plus side - no estrogen, very little hormone, side effects are minimal compared to IUD's, won't take long after I stop taking them to get pregnant again. Negative side - have to take it at the same time every day!

We were deciding between an IUD and the mini-pill, and basically decided to give the mini-pill a try before the more invasive/risky (in my opinion at least) IUD. I'm going to set an alarm on my cell phone for the same time every day and keep the pills in my purse to help me remember to take them. If I can't take them regularly, or I have any side-effects, then we'll probably move on to an IUD. I know people who love their IUD, no issues or side effects or thought involved. I also know people who hate their IUD, have side effects, and even one person who's IUD slipped up into the uterus and had to be removed. So I'm on the fence about it.
We are NFP all the way, so I'm no help! But no side effects! : ) And it works as well as you want it to!
NFP got me onto this DDC

For those who have taken the standard pill and the mini-pill how do they differ? I used to be great on the Pill but after years of use it started to give me bad side effects.
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Withdrawl method here! Some say it isn't reliable, but it always worked for us.
We've done rythm method/NFP sort of thing for 6 years effectively. More simply "pull out and pray"

I tried BC years ago and within 2 mo I was inexplicably suicidal. A side note would be the same horrible emotion sets in when I get pregnant... and takes some time to shake off and adjust to.

I believe my one sisters 5 yr IUD migrated out of her uterus... can't remember for sure. It sounded like a good idea for her at the time.

I love the cell phone alarm thing and I know my other sister has been doing that for 5+ yrs w/ BC. no major side effects.
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We use NFP if we have a grave reason to prevent.
I have used depo in the past and would highly recommend AGAINST it. It was okay while I was on it but messed up my body badly when I came off of it. The first type of pills I ever took (can't remember what brand) gave me bad cramps and side effects so I stopped it before I even finished one cycle. I've been on pills for 3 mos now and haven't had any bad side effects but I have missed a couple pills and worry about it. You should bleed during the spacer pills but I have been "late" starting each time and have to worry whether I'm pregnant or not because I did miss a pill or two during the cycle. I am thinking about going to NFP because it won't be any harder to remember than the pill and at least then if I do mess up and get pregnant I know there won't be any side effects for the baby. I considered an IUD because it lasts so long and I don't have to remember anything but I've heard horror stories about the scarring, etc.

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NFP got me onto this DDC

For those who have taken the standard pill and the mini-pill how do they differ? I used to be great on the Pill but after years of use it started to give me bad side effects.
I used the pill and to be honest I did great with it. Still, I have always wanted to find something less hormonal.

Went on to mini pill when I breast feed. It is okay, but affects my sex drive and energy levels. i used to put that down to nursing and toddlers, but I recently came off, while nursing my very active daughter and my energy and sex drive levels bounced back straight away.

I am currently trying the Mirena IUD. All my friends swear by it. I have only had it a short while. So far, not such a positive experience, but I am giving it a 3 month trial.


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We've done rythm method/NFP sort of thing for 6 years effectively. More simply "pull out and pray"

Pull out and pray....that had me in hysterics! too funny.

I fell pregnant while I had a 4 mth old, who exclusively breastfed for about 22 hours out of the day so I always feel I need to take concrete measures to avoid. Even when TTC I have different cycles month to month and ovulate at inconsistent times. Still I am blessed to fall pregnant very easily. I apparently am too chaotic or unmotivated to get on top of NFP so here I am working my way through birth control options trying to find the right fit!

I think BC is very personal. So many people can take the same type of thing and have totally different experiences. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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I was on BCPs for 12 years, didn't realize until I went off them how many side-effects I had from them. I decided then that I would never use a hormonal method again.

More recently I had the copper IUD (Paragard) for a little over a year, it caused me to have very heavy, extended bleeding. I'd still choose it over anything hormonal.

We are TTCing now so not using anything, but I suspect I will just do NFP as needed from now on.
I was on a combination BCP for 3 years and I didn't have any problems with it...until I started bleeding like normal during one placebo week, but unlike normal, it didn't stop.
So after bleeding for nearly a month straight, I tossed the pills and we've been using condoms + withdrawal ever since (though I was considering tossing the BCPs anyway due to the increased blood clot and stroke risk). I'm too much of a worrywart to go with withdrawal alone, though my husband seems pretty adept at it, and I know it works great for some.
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