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I have four kids and had the last three in a free standing birth center in the water, 3. 5 hours, 3 hours, 2rs 15 minutes...we just moved to Maine and no birth center around so homebirth for me I am SO excited about it! I am interviewing midwives now. I LOVE this one group with three midwives and 2 NDs plus message therapist in office. BU they are like an hour away from and I birth fast, when it begins, it rolls so I am worried they wouldn't make it in time. Not that it is such a big deal, as I think I'd be okay anyway. I dont' ally need anyone to do anything until baby is in my arms anyway. the one complication is that we suspect twins this time...MAYYYYBE, my hcg numbers are really high and doubling FAST, which indicates possible twins, although it might not be. If wins, no homebirth for me :(( bUT we'd be thrilled with Twins! Even my teen is excited about it, which is weird but awesome.
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