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I am wondering what everyone has experienced in prior births? I am planning a homebirth for this baby if all goes as planned. I think this time I will actually birth at home as opposed to the midwife's office. We had a tiny house before and two dogs and my teenage stepson in the house so I was quite grateful for the opportunity to go somewhere else.

My first baby was born at 40 weeks 5 days after a swift 6 hours of labor. I sent my husband to work that day thinking I would just cook and clean and do my prego thing. I loved the end of pregnancy and knowing that it could happen any minute! It was so exciting. Around 3 or so my dear friend stopped by with her 1 month old and we chatted about things and I mentioned that I had had a few contractions here and there but nothing major. I kept sorta pushing through them but at one point I had to stand up and lean on the furniture. I will NEVER forget her saying, "Love, I don't want to tell you how to do you but I am pretty sure you are in labor." Ha! What a riot. She hung out with me until my husband (then boyfriend) got home and she was like, "SEEEE YA!" I labored for a few hours at home but I had so much pooping and bleeding that the midwife asked me to come down for a check. She checked me and I was 5cm and she was able to stretch me to 7cm. We went home, my man got a shower, I yelled profanities excessively in the yard and around 9:20pm we left our house and headed to my midwife's office which is basically a house a few miles away. I can remember saying to my partner, "I have to poop SO BAD." LOL!! We got to the office a few minutes later, I rushed upstairs and turned on the tub and by 9:55 was ready. I said to my midwife, "I really feel like I need to push." She checked me and gave me the go ahead. After 20 minutes I was holding my baby boy in my arms and was so relieved. I was so proud of myself. I managed to crack jokes and remain loving the whole time. It was a great birth experience!

What are you hoping for? What were your previous births like? Do you hope for anything different or the same this time around?
I am praying we are able to have a birth center birth. We live a little too far from a hospital to do a homebirth, otherwise that's what I'd want.

My 3 previous labors were all hospital labors. I was induced with my first at 36+4 for IUGR. I was induced with my second at 39+2 for high blood pressure. My third was a spontaneous labor, augmented with pit. This time around I am more educated and hoping for a whole different experience. My labors were all relatively easy, even with med. intervention. Praying we'll have a good experience this time.

I hope you get your homebirth!
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