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heyla all!<br><br>
I know there are threads here and there at mdc that have birth plans, but I thought it might be nice to have a place we can all share ideas/thoughts about these plans.<br><br>
Of course, every plan is different since every hospital and birth center has a different "style, and every home birth mama has a different list of "just in cases"...but...<br><br>
Here's what I have right now (with a few things missing since I don't want them up for the general world to see!), It's adapted from the plan I used last time, and I'm at the same hospital so I'm pretty familiar with what they do or don't do automatically:<br>
Attended by:<br>
Michael and I are anticipating a Natural and Unmedicated HypnoBabies birth for our second child. As a VBAC mother I am a bit nervous about the possibility of stalled labor so please keep this in mind when speaking with me during my birth. I value your encouragement and support!<br><br>
--Access to the shower and freedom of movement is very important to me as I hope to employ a variety of natural pain management techniques, so I would prefer intermittent monitoring or the use of a telemetry unit (if CFM becomes necessary)<br>
--Please wait for me to ask for medication<br>
--Please no vaginal exams until I feel the urge to push (keeping in mind my concerns about stalling, I'd rather let nature take it's course and simply carry on without a specific number)<br><br>
--I intend to follow my natural urge to push. If there is no progress over a significant period of time then we will ask for assistance and direction.<br>
--I would like the freedom to find a comfortable and effective pushing position. I welcome your assistance in finding this position since I expect to try several positions before finding the right fit!<br>
--I would like to be reminded to touch my daughter's head as she is born.<br>
--I welcome your support in preventing a tear but prefer a natural tear over an artificial cut.<br><br>
--I would like the baby placed directly on my chest/stomach after birth.<br>
--Please don’t clamp the cord until it has stopped pulsating. Michael will then cut the cord.<br>
--Please allow the placenta to birth without traction or medication<br>
--Please delay NYS required procedures until the 1 hour limit<br>
--We will room in, so routine procedures (bath, etc) can be done in our room with our assistance<br>
--We will be exclusively breastfeeding and look forward to your support in this!<br><br>
JUST IN CASE (in the event of a repeat cesarean):<br>
--I would prefer a spinal for surgery<br>
--I would like my daughter to be shown to me as she is born and for my partner to hold her after she is examined. Michael will go with her if she needs to be taken to the nursery.<br>
--I would like one arm free so that I can "hold" her with assistance during the suturing phase assuming she is in good health.<br>
--We would like to begin breastfeeding as soon as possible.<br>
--Please bring her to my recovery room as soon as possible, with routine procedures (eye ointment, bath, etc) to be done there.<br><br>
Thank you for your care and attention. We look forward to enjoying another wonderful birth with the Cayuga Medical Center team!<br>

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That's awesome! Mind if we steal it?? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"><br><br>
Thanks, Go for it!<br><br>
You might want to edit it for your own birth place though..for example, I know that my hospital/OB is familiar with hypnosis and supportive of natural birth, they don't have a lot of "routine" interventions or procedures even for VBAC mamas, and they are very pro-breastfeeding.<br><br>
This plan does print out to less than a page though so there is room to add more without making it "too long"...<br><br>
Actually, when I was training to be a doula there was a birth plan "game" that was a real shocker for some of the women. Basically you got 20 or so index cards with options written on "food is okay" on one side and "ice only" on the other, or "pitocin" on one side and "no pitocin" on the other. It had cards that covered things like c/s and AROM and the freedom to move around and purple pushing and using a labor tub and episiotomy, etc. The idea was to put the cards down with the options you wanted all facing up. The "game" started when the leader told everyone to flip over three cards to represent the fact that not everything goes as planned or as was an interesting exercise that helped everyone really focus on the things they felt were "non-negotiable" versus those they just "hoped for". It got harder when the last stage of the game was the instructor walking around the room and randomly flipping one last card for each person to show that even after the hard choices are made, life still has the final say.<br><br>
It was a hard "game", but it led to a great conversation on how to help clients who face unexpected difficulties in birth, and also a good conversation on what individual people feel is "essential" to a good birth and how that changes from person to person.<br><br>
I've used a similar "game" (though without the same emotional ooomph) with my doula clients to help them focus their birth plans down to a "readable" page and to start discussions about what is "really" important to them in terms of birth and support.<br><br>
Sorry that got a bit rambly... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"> I'd love to see other birth plans!

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i'd like to steal it too or at least use as a model! this will be my 5th birth but the first with a written birth plan, i'm starting with a new OB practice, with 3docs, @34wks(so dont even know if i'll meet the one who'll be delivering, kinda worried about that a little) and it will be in a different hospital than my others.<br><br>
I really like the simple, bullet point sorta way of listing things out..very efficiant i think <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> likely more apt to be adhered to easily also??!! Thanks for posting

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Hey... I've been slowly working on mine too and would like to share.... do you think mine is too short? lol<br><br><div style="text-align:center;">Birthing Plan<br>
•I want to have as <b>Natural</b> a <b>birth</b> as possible.<br><br>
•I want to be able to <b>move around</b> as much as possible during labor<br><br>
•I want the <b>Birthing Ball</b> available to me as soon as possible.<br><br>
•Please <b>DO NOT offer</b> an epidural or any other drugs. I will ask if I really need something.<br><br>
•Lots of <b>Touch</b> and <b>Physical Contact</b> is helpful to me.<br><br>
•Last time I had <b>Back Labor</b>, it was very helpful for the <b>Midwife</b> to <b>show</b> those attending <b>how and where</b> to <b>push on my back</b> during contractions.<br><br>
•I wish to <b>Avoid an Episiotomy</b> at all costs!<br><br>
•I <b>don’t want a Mirror</b> to watch the birth.<br><br>
•Instead of using stirrups, I would like people to. Cerra Marrone would like to be one of the ones holding a foot.<br><br>
•I would like the <b>umbilical cord</b> to be <b>cut by Krest</b> with the family "baby" Athame.<br><br>
•I would like to <b>Breastfeed</b> <b>a</b>s <b>s</b>oon <b>a</b>s <b>p</b>ossible after birth. Any tests or ointments, weighing, bathing, etc that can wait would be preferred.<br><br>
•If possible, apgar test be performed while baby is on/with me.<br><br><br>
I also included a second page for "non-medical" info... I also plan to give it to DexP (Krest) and his mother ahead of time so that they know what is expected of them... also for the nurses so they know what to expect and what will be going on. Where I am giving birth they have dealt with not only my first (wiccan) birth but also some other members of DexP's family who follow the same traditions so alot of nurses remember us and know what to expect, but my midwife mentioned it wouldn't be a bad idea to give any one coming in a written "heads up".... this is what I have so far for the "nonmedical" part:<br><br><div style="text-align:center;">Non-Medical<br>
Birthing Plan<br>
Religiously speaking, this birth will be a Wiccan Birth. A small alter will be set up on a table near the birthing bed and a small ritual will be performed prior to the pushing phase of labor. The umbilical cord will be cut with a ritual knife that has been sharpened and sterilized by the hospital prior to the birth. The baby will have a small bracelet tied around her ankle, have her head anointed with oils and will be wrapped in a black shroud.<br><br>
•No Music please-it drove me insane last time.<br>
•Any person emitting negative energy for any reason will be asked to remove themselves.<br>
•I would like my soul cards to be there.<br>
•I will bring most of my own alter supplies<br>
•Krest should pack whatever he wants at the alter and the Martini shirt.<br>
•Deborah should prepare and bring a travel kit (just in case).<br><br><br>
What do you guys think? Am I being to general about things? Also my midwife mentioned that maybe I should put in the Birthing plan that Dexp and I are split... I'm not really sure thats needed... I think if I am on good terms with him (on the given day<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"> ) I would like him to be treated just like he would if we were together and a happy little couple... we will be a happy "couple" on that day... we will BOTH be celebrating the birth of our second daughter... Do I really need to put that in?

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I just finished mine with my doula so here it is:<br><br>
Birth Plan for Tracy and Jeff .....St. Joseph’s Hospital<br><br>
Midwife: ...<br>
Pediatrician: ...<br>
Doula: Rebecca ...<br>
Possible people present: Kitty ... (Tracy’s mom), Nicole and Jacob ... (baby’s siblings)<br><br>
We are looking forward to having our baby at your hospital. Both our other children were born here and we were happy with both experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read our birth wishes.<br>
As much as possible we would like a natural birth with few medical interventions. Please discuss any suggested interventions or procedures for mother and baby with all of us and obtain our informed consent before initiating any interventions or procedures.<br><br>
Active Labor<br>
Jeff and Rebecca should be present at all times for my comfort.<br>
Intermittent monitoring, use of Doptone to monitor baby.<br>
I would like to give birth in the birthing tub. I understand and agree to the list of reasons why I may not be able to birth in the tub.<br>
I do not want the use of pitocin, cytotec, stripping or breaking membranes to augment birth.<br>
Please do not offer me any pain medications. I know medications are available and trust my support team to help me make decisions.<br>
I would like freedom to move and walk around or stay in the tub during labor.<br><br>
Second and Third Stages of Labor<br>
No episiotomy.<br>
If I am not able to or decide not to birth in the tub I would like to choose whatever positions I am most comfortable in to push the baby out. Additionally please allow Jeff to assist in catching the baby.<br>
Please do not clamp or cut the cord until it has stopped pulsing and allow Jeff to cut the cord.<br>
For delivery of placenta, unless necessary, no cytotec or pulling on the cord. I will agree to a shot of Pitocin if the situation calls for it.<br><br>
I would like the baby placed on my uncovered chest immediately after birth for skin to skin contact.<br>
I will breastfeed immediately and would like to delay all newborn procedures until the baby has had an opportunity to feed on both sides.<br>
Baby is to stay with at least one parent at all times. We would like all exams and procedures done on the baby in the room with parent(s) present.<br>
Breastfeeding only; no bottles, pacifiers, artificial nipples, formula, sugar water or water.<br>
No circumcision.<br>
PKU test done in room with parent(s). We would like to decline vitamin K, Hepatitis B vaccine, and eye ointment.<br>
We would like any other test or procedure discussed with both parents before proceeding with them.<br><br>
If a C-Section becomes necessary<br>
Please allow both of my support people to be with me at all times during the procedure.<br>
I would like an epidural.<br>
I would like Jeff to be with the baby at all times after delivery and Rebecca to stay with me. Please allow the baby to stay in the OR while I am being stitched up.<br>
I would like to breastfeeding the baby soon as possible.<br>
All procedures performed on baby as stated above.<br><br>
Other requests<br>
If guests come to visit while we are patients, please call the room to inform us of their arrival rather than sending them directly to the room.<br>
We would like to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.
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