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Birth pool liner for garden tub?

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Our jetted tub in the master bath has an annoying overflow drain in it and I'm assuming you aren't supposed to get water in the switch anyway, but I can't get the water deep enough without hitting the overflow drain. Does anyone know if birth pool liners would fit into your typical, oval, jetted tub? It's not huge, but it's bigger than a regular tub. Obviously, the liner has to be big enough to hang out over the top of the tub. It doesn't appear that any of the sites selling them say how big their liners are.
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There are also litttle suction cup things that go over the overflow drain. An Aquadoula liner is huge!! It's made to go over the round tub plus down to the floor - making it, like 5 feet tall.
Yes, the liners are huge and would cover, though it could be awkward if your tub is surrounded by walls on any sides. I had a tub just like this in my last house and I just covered the overflow with a piece of Glad Press and Seal wrap.
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I use a chunk of modelling clay to block it. Depends on your drain style too I guess.
I'll have to look for the suction cup covers- years ago when I had my babies I took apart the overflow on the tub and turned it over so the mouth of it was higher up- but there are all different types of overflow hardware so it would depend-
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