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Birth pools for smaller women?

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I'll freely admit it, i'm short. Looking at those birth pools has me a bit worried about slipping and sliding around. The La Bassine Pool at your water birth looks nice for a shorter woman and might allow me to brace my feet against the side to prevent slipping and keep my poor butt cushioned but no way am I spending that much on a pool and I want to not mind turning it into a summer pool for dd. So, anyone know of any pools that would be nice for a smaller women for not a lot of money?
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Why wouldn't you want to turn that into a summer pool? Birthing pools are made of much sturdier stuff than swimming pools and should survive normal summer usage for several years and still be perfectly usuable if you have subsequent births.

Or so I'd think. Here's hoping someone with actual knowledge and a cheap source of little pools comes to answer.
I'm not sure the size matters too much. I birthed in a hot tub which was big enough for 6 people and it was great. We had the fishy pool which is a common birth pool and in retrospect I'm really glad my labour went too fast to fill it because it looked so small.

I say find what you can afford and it'll probably be just fine.
I'm 4'11" and rented an auqadoula. Here are a few picsof me in it to show you how it and my height worked together. They contain nudity, I hope they are allowed? If not,I guess they'll get yanked.Not sure if thathelped or not. I do think that being short was a blessing actually. I could really make use of the walls in my pool. I think that even in a fishy pool it would have been a blessing. I have attended births with very tall women and from my vantage point, it looked like they didn't get to use quite as much space as me. In fact, I was short enough to literally lay almost completely flatand float in it.

Namaste, Tara
I'm 5'2" and was happy with the fishy pool. If I had some extra money, I might consider renting an AquaDoula or buying the La Bassine but money is tight right now so I'm going to be fine with the fishy pool again.
The fishy pool inflates in the bottom too so it wasn't an issue at all that I spent my labor kneeling over the side of the pool with the pool set up on my tile floor.

PS- the next size up fishy pool is 3" deeper, I almost ordered it instead but decided to stick with the smaller one.
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