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I have some left over birth stuff:

4 large chux pads, 1.00 for all

sterile NIP cotton cord tape sells for 4.25 in cascade -- 2.00

11" pads w/ gauze "underpants" to wear to hold them in place. Pack of 12, opened w/ one removed and one pair of un-used but non-sterile (they don't come in sterile packing) gauze underpants. these are great for making frozen pads to soothe your perinieum the first few days post-partum, just soak with witch hazel and freeze. sells for 4.25 in cascade -- 2.00

11 2-packs of sterile 4x4 gauze sponges. Sell for .25 each in cascade. 1.50 for all.

10 latex gloves, in sterile packages. size medium -- sells for .45 each in cascade -- .25 each

unopened (wrapped in plastic) bottle of povidone-iodine solution. 4 oz. sells for 2.25 in cascade -- 1.00

unopened (wrapped in plastic bottle0 of sterile lubricating jelly. 4 oz. 1.00

Wishgarden herbals " AfterBirth sitzbath" for postpartum perineum care. contains urva ursi, yarrow, calendula, sage, comfrey leaf and root, plantian, witch hazel and sea salt. 5 oz, enough to make 5 sitz baths -- 8.00

Sitz bath seat to use on your toilet seat. NIP -- 8.00

OR, take it all for 22.00 (save 5 bucks)

Thanks for Looking
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