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Birth supply kits

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I will be ordering from soon. What does everyone suggest for supplies? What should I not get?

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i think this has been covered in other threads if you do a search on supplies...
I honestly haven't found anything there that I think we need at all.

I can make up a birth certificate on my own computer. For getting footprints, any inkpad will do. Towels are more comfortable than chux pads, easily washable and won't contribute to the landfill. A $2 plastic shower curtain from the store works fine as a tarp; for that matter a tarp works well as a tarp. I like the flannel backed plastic table cloths because the flannel keeps the thing from shifting around underneath you.

I get herbs at better prices from other places-- Ameriherb has great bulk herb prices.

I still have Peri bottles from hospital births... 2 or 3 of them... one is still shrink wrapped LOL... Besides if I didn't have a "peri bottle" then any Ozarka water bottle would work. And even better would be a hot water bottle kit that holds more water anyway.

Hmmmm.... what else do they sell that is really unnecessary? All I know is I never can bring myself to push the 'buy' button and spend the money and shipping fee.....
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I will be probably get one of the tinctures that's good for stopping heavy bleeding (although I plan on swallowing a bit of placenta anyway). I already have a umblical cord clamp(that I might not even use). I will get a peri bottle too (wish I had just kept the ones from my other births). I already have recieving blankets and baby clothes/hats (from my other two). I will get some big absorbant pads for postpartem bleeding. Let's see a cheapo plastic shower curtain. I might get some chux pads or just use old towels. A bowl for the placenta. I won't be getting/using anything I haver to order.
For a peri bottle, I used a Propel water bottle and it worked wonders. It has a sort of funny curved mouthpiece and it was a perfect fit for what I needed.
I just wanted to suggest that there is a good reason to purchase cord clamps - forcep clamps are even better. On a rare occasion, the babies cord can truly be too tight around the neck to birth through. In this case, you can clamp and cut the cord, before the body is delivered. If you can only get one clamp on the cord, then birth quickly and figure out who is bleeding - mom or baby and get a clamp on the other piece of cord. You can tie it neatly with cord ties later.

Also if you are in the birth tub and you deliver the placenta and the cord is done pulsing, it might be more convient to clamp and cut, and then tie it up neatly after everyone is out of the tub and dry.

I also ordered an inflatable donut to sit on the next day, and several of the peri cold packs, because they are just wonderful.

Inhishands is fast. I got my order the next day!
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