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Birthday gifts for my seven yr old?

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I need some ideas for DS birthday, my baby is turning seven this year and I need ideas on non-commercial gifts. Toys or just something neat. Any ideas?I got him a telescope which is what he asked for and a microscope. I am looking for a few smaller things that he would enjoy that doesn't reek of "power ranges" and such.
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Okay, please don't think I"m this big weirdo or anything, but if your son is kind've into science stuff, there's this cool activity box you can get from Learning is Fun called "Owl Puke."

Yeah, I know it sounds gross, but it's really kind've cool. It's what the owl regurges after eating a mouse (the hair and bones and stuff), so you can pick it apart, classify the bones, determine what it ate AND THEY ARE STERILIZED, TOO. Again, sounds gross, but it was really kind of a cool thing.

Hope you don't think I'm a candidate for the funny farm.
I work in an independent toystore, so here are some of my standard suggestions for 7yo kids:

-Meccano. There are kits now for 4-8 year olds, and for 7 or 8 and up.
-if he has a long attention span, maybe a SnapTite plastic car or airplane model. They don't require glue or paint.
-any small science kit; sounds like he's really into science. My store stocks a line from Wild Planet that retail for $14-$19CDN that all look really good.
-to go with the telescope, how about a folding camp chair, a cozy sweater, and an astronomy book by Terence Dickinson?
How about an herbal garden (indoor even if necessary?) Maybe a gift box of creative art supplies: Watercolors, brushes, markers, stamps and ink, clay, etc. Maybe some things to build a terrarium? Kristi
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great suggestion!except for the owl vomit, yuck! but your right, he'd probably love it, it's poor mom that can't grasp the idea, lol. He loves crystals, plants and bugs also anyhting to do with experimenting. He also loves make believe magic(can we say harry potter and his damn wand) and craves to be a spy. i know a strange mix but that's what catches his attnetion. I hav ebeen looking for an indoor garden pf some sort but mama has a purple thumb.

hey flight,you want to PM me your store.
My ds loves geomagnets and they now have all sorts of different kinds with panels and such. We have also given model kits with paints, a kite making kit, pottery wheel, puzzles, and for this bday he got a neat spy kit too, which he LOVES
If anyone is interested in those science kits, I made a mistake. They are by Slinky Science, not Wild Planet (although Wild Planet does make a lot of cool stuff as well).
Another vote for Geomags. My son loves them. Roseart has a cheaper version that are just as good.

My 7yo loves to read, and is alwasy excited with a new series. Maybe something like "my side of the mountain" or "indian in the cubboard?"

He also likes drawing supplies and how to draw books.

Board games and card games of any sort at all. He loves all of them.

Real yard/garden tools.

Stuff for his bike: water bottle cage, bell, etc...

Dover Books has some punch out book-kits for building/assembling paper castles. My son is very interested in having one of those.
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