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birthing affirmations

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With two babies already here, I thought I'd better get my birthing affirmations in order! I've collected these from all over, and made up little cards on a ring and check them when I'm feeling low or anxious. I've never used them during labor, actually, but I like to bring them along to labor for DH to read. Makes him feel better! Anyway, here are my favorite birthing affirmations, and I hope if anyone has others they will share them ... my affirmation ring gorws larger with each birth ...

I give birth joyfully, easily and without complications.

I am fearless.

My body knows exactly what it's doing.

I trust in my ability to birth my baby.

I am completely relaxed and comfortable.

I am strong, and my contractions are strong.

Body, mind, and will work together to birth my baby.

"Soft, relaxing, open."


Soon my baby will be in my arms.

My body is made to give birth, nice and easy.

I believe my baby's birth will come quickly, peacefully and easily.

My body is completely relaxed.


Everything is going right.

Relax my mind and muscles.

I am in complete control of what is going on around me.

My body is intelligent and will handle all situations expediently.

Inhale peace, exhale tension,

I have no fear or concern.

My body will birth my baby safely and effectively.

My body has a wide open space for my baby to descend. There is nothing in the way.

My body will give birth in it's own time. Birth is a natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.

I have the power to handle whatever comes up.

My mind is at peace, focused on nothing but my baby.

I believe in myself and I have nothing to fear.

I give birth in safety.

My body is meant to give birth efficiently, naturally, and without complications.

Birth is a joyful event.

I follow my instincts and give birth in the way I desire.

I am ready and prepared for this.

I see myself handling everything beautifully.

Birth is a safe and wonderful experience.

I will give birth without complications.

I am not afraid.

I know my baby feels our calmness and confidence.

I trust in my ability to give birth.

My body knows exactly what it is doing.

I am confident in my ability to birth naturally, painlessly and easily.

My body is made to give birth, nice and easy.

I believe my baby's birth will come quickly and easily.

My body is completely relaxed.

All I need to do is relax and breathe - nothing else.

Everything is going right.

I feel the strong waves of labor and know that everything is normal and progressing.

My body knows how to have this baby just as my body knew how to grow this baby.

I love my baby and I am doing all that is necessary to bring about a healthy birth.

Birth is an easy and natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.

I have the energy and stamina to birth my baby.

There will be no complications.

I do not fight the birth in any way. My body is totally relaxed. I am not afraid.

Just let my body do it; let it happen.

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.

My mind is relaxed; my body is relaxed.

My baby knows how and when to be born.

Only I can give birth to this baby.
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Thanks for posting those! That must be a mighty big stack of cards you've got there!
Those are cool. Basically when I started active labor last time, I got a little freaked so I just went to the mirror and kept telling myself, "you can do this!" Anything more complicated than that didn't really enter my brain at that moment, lol.
Only I can give birth to this baby.
I love this one.....

Great post, thanks! I'll print these out and put them on my fridge.
I am going to pick out my favs & post them all over the house
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I'm printing the OPs list, too. It's awesome.

The one line I thought over and over with my son's unmedicated hospital birth was "Let that big bag of muscles work for you!" Paraphrased from some Bradley method book. It helped remind me that my body knew what it was doing.

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These are just what I need! Thank you so much for posting them, mojumi!
I always loved the comparison of imagineing your cervix opening like beautiful flower blossoming. It was just such a lovely thought. However I told DH that if he ever said it to me in the mitst of labor I'd probably hit him becuause well it does seem a bit sappy
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