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Birthing Center in Southern New Hampshire?

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Anyone know of a birthing center in Southern NH that might actually take insurance?
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The Birth Cottage in Milford NH ( they can probably tell you something about the success of getting care covered by your insurance company in the past. And if there is no history of trying to get reimbursement from your compnay, they are pretty good about trying to get it.

Hope you find what you are after!
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there is new legislation in NH that requires birth center services to be covered by insurance!!
Horray for Adrien Fieldhousen for working hard on this... Thay are in the process of seeing if they can get a bill passed that requires reimbursement for home birth too.
So you shouldn't have any trouble.
I definately second the recommendation for the Birth Cottage.
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This is the one I'm going to. We're actually planning a homebirth with the midwife from that place.
Val has a brand new birth center in Stratham, if you're closer to the seacoast. She has attended thousands of homebirths, including my 2, and we love her! Here's the info:

Name: Coastal Family Birth Retreat
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 603-502-9452
NH Seacoast first free-standing Birth Center-offering excellent prenatal care, attendance of birth at the center or at home, and post partum follow-up. NH Medicaid, MaineCare, and some insurance coverage. VBAC's, waterbirth, childbirth education and breastfeeding counseling.
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This is the one I'm going to. We're actually planning a homebirth with the midwife from that place.

this is where my Maya was born...Jeanne is a wonderful and Hooray to her as well for working along with Adrien to pass the new legislation

the birth center is comfy and quiet, Jeanne is now a dear friend and yes she does take insurance...
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My son was born at Concord Birth & Wellness Center with Jeanne Browne as well. I cannot recommend her enough!!! We had the most awesome experience there, and yes, she does take insurance as others have said. Jeanne is an absolutely fantastic midwife and woman.
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Awesome, I actually have my first appt with her next week. Can't wait to meet her, we totally clicked over the phone.
That's great - I'm sure you'll love her! There's also a group for moms and babies that meets at the Birth Center every Thursday from 10-12; it's a great resource for meeting other moms in the area.
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