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Birthing Plan

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Does anyone know where I can get a good detailed birthing plan? I feel like I may go early for some reason and want to be prepared. I don't want to forget about anything. Thanks
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Here's an interactive one I found online.

Here's another one.

Hope these help!
Hey those two links are awsome! the first one has some good answers under the FAQ links and the second one seems nicely thought out, such as the
"After medical guidance for pain relief, I would appreciate some private time with my partner to discuss which pain management technique or medication I would like to use."
I just hate it when they don't give you privacy to make decisions. I never thought of asking for it ahead of time. duh.
When I help people write them, these are the headings I provide, for them to fill in or modify as needed:

Who will be with you for active labor and birth?

What would you like the room to be like (quiet and private, active and animated, homey, spritual, visitors coming and going, no visitors, etc. ) Most people find that their preferences on this change as labor progresses..

Would you like music, lamplight, aromatherapy, prayer, items from home, or other elements to help you relax.

Practiced support measures with partner (hypnosis, massage, meditation, affirmation) Someone close to you at all times or giving you space

Moral support from friends/family: humor, conversation, sympathy

physical support: position, bed, tub, shower, ball, walking, etc

Food and drink: snacks from home, water, teas, juices... sugar/energy drinks best during second stage

Pushing: guided pushing with "coaching", spontaneous pushing where no one talks to you, or somewhere in between

placenta and cord delivery, cutting the cord, etc


ALL procedures, stages, and anything else explained to you, all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.

*doula or midwife can help gauge your confidence or anxiety and offer reassurance accordingly.. that is a big part of our job!

And, very important, research ahead of time so you form your own opinions on:
the risks and benefits of medication in labor
hospital procedures for newborn care
postpartum care for you
hepatitis B vaccination for baby
circumcision if having a boy
giving the first bath

and finally, the one no one likes to think about and hopefully will not be necessary: what your wishes would be for a baby who needs urgent medical care (as far as who stays with the baby, breastfeeding, etc).

this is a lot to throw at you here, sort of jumbled, but these are things I urge my clients to put together, and certainly to discuss with your caregiver and anyone else who will be at the birth. The most important ingredient to any birth "plan" is flexibility. Some decisions can not be made until you are in the middle of active labor and actually know what it is like. It is OK to change your preferences at any time, depending on how feel at the time. That is part of preparing for an expereince you have never had.

Good luck to you mama!
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