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My nipples are so sore help!

DD got her two bottom front teeth about 2 months ago and it was no problem, the occasional accidental nip, that´s all.

These past two weeks (she´s 8.5 months now) she has been kinda biting and dragging her teeth down the nipple - ouch! She also seems to be sucking on them the way maggie simpson sucks her pacifier IYKWIM. AND she wriggles like crazy whe she´s feeding. I don´t know if all these things are related or if it´s just part of her being more able to move and control what is going on.

Anyhow, I can cope with the last two, but the biting has got to stop, I can feel myself tensing up when I feed her as I anticipate the pain, that´s not good for either of us.

Any ideas on what I should do or what might have caused this to start?

At the moment I stay cool and just take my nipple away immediately for a minute, no words, no eye contact. I have tried to tune into her and ask her to stop because it hurts, but to no avail.

I really want to EBF, but this cannot continue - please help me!
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