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I never thought my kiddo would be the biter but...<br><br>
The playschool teacher told me the other day that dd1 (she'll be 3 in April) bit another child. As far as the teacher could tell it was unprovoked... the little boy who was bitten broke his leg last week and can't move around much, dd1 got out of her chair and bit him on the finger. It didn't break the skin but the little boy wound up going home early since he was just too upset.<br><br>
It's a small playschool, 2 days a week/ 3 hours a day, with 8 children and two teachers. It's play based and although I've had some concerns about dd1 being there these haven't been "major" concerns. And she seems to enjoy going.<br><br>
I don't know exactly how the bite was handled (teacher told me "I told her teeth were only for food" but I'm sure there was more) and I don't know where to go from here.<br><br>
We're moving so we're all under a lot of stress, but... ?<br><br>
BTDT mamas... how have you handled biting if/when you're not there physically?<br><br>

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In our case, the biter was the younger sibling, and I'm pretty sure it started at home as a frustration response to her brother (3.5 years older) teasing her or doing things she couldn't keep up with. She'd just rear her head back and chomp down...<br><br>
And then one day I picked her up from the sitter (she went to a small in-home daycare) and the sitter said she'd tried to bite another child.<br><br>
What we did at home was to separate them, and then repeat "No, teeth are not for hurting. We do not bite people, we bite food." I actually ignored the advice I got to make a big deal of the victim of the bite, since I knew he'd learn to use that in his favor <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br>
The sitter said her tactic was similar - she separated the biter and bitee, repeated that no, it was not okay.. and moved on.<br><br>
I talked to her afterwards about it. At the time, she was not talking well - she was very chatty, but she'd chatter nonsense and jargon in very realistic voice. I think part of her biting was frustration because she knew a LOT of individual words, but was unable to make them come out in complete grammatical sentences the way everyone else in the family could. So I repeated "Mina said you bit Mikie. Remember, even when you are very mad, teeth are not for hurting." And I left it at that.<br><br>
I dunno - maybe I could have done more, but it resolved itself not long afterwards. I think a lot of children *bite* once or twice, but not all of them become *biters* and so I'd wait and see now if it happens again?
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