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Biting!!!! Help!!!!

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my 15 month old has 8 teeth coming in at once and he has bitten my 4 year old several times. We have tried everything... Hyland's teething tablets, their gel, German chamomile, etc.... ANY suggestions appreciated. I just want this to end
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Aww - poor thing! 8 teeth all at once? That's not even fair, is it?

I'm sure you've tried this, but I always offer a substitution for what DD *can* bite. I.e., you can't bite me, but here's a toy (insert biteable toy here). You could try frozen washcloths. How about popsicles made with just water or a bit of herbal tea for flavor?

We did Hyland's too. I never knew if they really worked, but DD loved taking them. She would eat them like candy. :LOL

Good luck - hope this passes soon!
Good suggestions..... I will try Tuesday. A few teeth have broken the skin so I think he feels a bit better and no biting today! Yeah! Can you believe we actually prayed that Kush Amen wouldn't bit anyone today went somethinh like this; " Most High, please help Kush Amen feel better and please don't let him bite people- ashe." :LOL
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