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Biting, hitting, hair pulling, scratching!

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I think the title says it all, wait, I forgot pinching. What should I do when ds does these not so adorable things to me? I don't think he's doing them out of frustration. He will be hugging me and then I'll feel his teeth sinking into my shoulder. Ouch! He is almost ten months old. TIA
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My dd does these things too! I've been wondering what to do to communicate to her that it hurts me. I've noticed she does it more when she is tired to avoid going to sleep. She'll do anything to avoid sleeping. I'd love to know what to do.
My little stinker is fond of biting and hair-pulling. I am grateful that he doesn't pinch anymore. That REALLY hurt! I react by getting irritated and yelping "ouch!" I just say "no, that hurts mommy!" with a stern expression, while removing my hair from his hands, or his teeth from my shoulder, arm, knee, etc. I don't know if this works, or is even a good way to handle it.
I just say "no, that hurts mommy!" with a stern expression, while removing my hair from his hands, or his teeth from my shoulder, arm, knee, etc.
I think this is a good idea.

Just wanted to share that we found that ds1 was biting us a LOT when he was around a year old or so and it dawned us that we had long used biting as an expression of affection: "I want to nibble on those toes," and "oooh, I'm going to eat that belly," that kind of thing. He was definitely biting us out of love, not aggression -- so we became a lot more careful about what we said.
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I am having the same troubles with dd at 10 months old. She is constantly biting, grabbing hair, pinching my neck etc. I do say the "no that hurts mommy" and try to show her "nice touch" or "show mama lovies", she doesn't quite get it yet though
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DD is almost 9 months and does all but the biting regularly (only bit me a few times and only on the boob - ow!) Well, we say "Ow!" and then tell her "gentle, Helena needs to be gentle" and will help her do "gentle" with her hands which to us is a stroking motion - works with the dog too. She often tries to be gentle and will stop something if she's being rough.

If she continues the same action after being told a couple times "ow" and "gentle" then I will say in a stern voice, "Helena is being rough" and sit her down a few feet from me and turn away from her for a minute. Maybe this sounds stern but it usually is after she thinks that the "ow" is a game and is laughing at me getting hurt. After about a minute I will pick her up again and tell her "Helena needs to be gentle" So far it seems to work quite well. She's making progress. I'm sure some babies would be too sensitive for that, but she will even laugh when I am "stern" with her so putting her down and ignoring her for just a minute gets her attention.
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