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Biting in Excitement?!

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My DD, 16 months old, has started biting. Shes done it twice when she was obviously feeling frustrated and impatient, but the last two days she has done it frequently in moments of excitement, like jumping around, singing, tickling, etc where she is happy and laughing and suddenly -ow!!- she bites me! Hard! She is a great communicator so I dont think its for lack of ability to express herself and I'm not too sure what to make of it....any ideas??

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ds is 16 1/2 mos and does the same thing...

I remove his mouth from my arm or shoulder and in a serious and calm voice, I say or ask various things:

"Calm, biting hurts mommy"
"Are you hungry? Do you want a snack?" "Bite your____"
"Biting is for a teether" and and hand him a teether which he will put into his mouth for a few seconds.
Around this age my dd2 was doing the same thing and I "explained" how it hurt me and it wasn't ok to do. Well now when she gets really excited or frustrated she bites down on her own arm for a moment or so. I can't imagine it feels to great but it's quick and then the moment is passed. She is now 27 mos and doing it less and less. Suppose she is gaining more and more control of herself/feelings/emotions as time goes by.
My DD sometimes does exactly that! She started a while ago and thought it was great fun (us not so much
). Now sometimes she will briefly bite her own hand when she's really frustrated or excited. Then I have to kiss it better for her. Don't really know what it's all about!
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Noticed this thread and thought of my son. He started biting about that age, also smacking with his hand. Same sinario too. Really excited, full of emotional energy.
I would calmly pull back and say "hitting/biting is not a good way to show how you feel, it hurts other people" I would encourage him to give a big hug if he was feeling loving, jump around if he was excited, or give me '5' on my hands.
He is still (at almost 3 years old) a very exuberant person. Biting is no longer a problem but I do have to remind him to slow down a bit and try to be gentle when showing affection to others.

My $0.02

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I would encourage him to give a big hug if he was feeling loving, jump around if he was excited, or give me '5' on my hands.

I like this! Showing him how to positively express the emotion he is feeling at the bite time is just terrific. I plan to adopt this. Thank you!

Oh, I feel like I've been missing the point with my serious response to his excitable biting.
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