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Biting Ouch :(

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Can anyone help.......

it started yesterday she started biting me with her only two teeth on the bottom. last night it wasnt bad but then this morning it got worse
i so dont want to have to wean yet. but each time i went to nurse today she was fine the first two times but then since then each time she bites hard and pushing her face against me doesnt work she just bites me harder
and then will pull my nip like shes gonna rip it off

thanks for the help
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What helped me with Dev was that as soon as she bit I took her off, put her down, and walked away for a minute or two to signal that the feeding had ended. I would wait a few minutes and try again. I always took her off immediately. She figued out that biting=loss of leche.
I've been asking a lot of my friends about this as well as I see my DD's first teeth starting to erupt.

One person told me to scream ouch... that it startles them and they won't do it again (not sure I agree with this philosphy... I don't like the idea of purposely scaring my child)

I was also told to take the breast away (like Ruby suggested). It takes some time, but sooner or later they figure out that when they bite, they don't get anymore breast.

Sorry I can't be of more help....
i have been taking her off as soo at she bites and as soon as i can unlach her

i so hope she stops soon

thanks again sfor replying everyone
My daughter is also 10 months and is doing the exact same thing! I'm losing my mind.
I did the scream thing (not intentionally, but sometimes she caught me really off gaurd!!) and all that accomplished was making her cry instead.

I am currently putting her down every time she bites, but that too results in her crying.

I think she doesn't know she's doing it half the time. These teeth are new to her and sometimes, she just scrapes them as she turns or looks around.
For now, I am dealing with it, but not allowing her wandering hands to play with the other nipple while she eats. Seems they hurt worse if they're pinched in between feedings, and then bitten during feedings.
I'm getting a nursing necklace in the mail, and hopefully, that will help keep her attention, that way she won't be turning and looking around and accidnetly scraping me with those teeth.
Good luck to you. If you find anything that works, let me know.
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i just wanted to say it was better last night, i think it was cause she was distracted and didnt want to nurse then.

i found great info on
I know what you mean about the biting. My DD bit when her first teeth were coming in and broke the skin on two occasions. It was the most painful thing I had experienced in a long time! I too was tempted to wean her but she's such a booby addict, that would have been way traumatic for her. I think it's just them getting used to the new teeth. Also, she bit when I was trying to feed her and she wasn't hungry or was too distracted. We usually have to nurse in a quiet room now to avoid distraction. This was all about three months ago. She now has 7 teeth and hasn't bit me since then! So there is definitely hope! If your baby breaks the skin, I have some advice on that as well; you can PM me.
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