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Bizarre Food show and strange, new foods

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I was just reading a post on here where the poster mentioned this show. So of course, off to youtube I went to check it out. I then watched 3 episodes.
Has anyone else seen this? I was so fascinated with all the different foods, the preparation, the customs, the ideas behind the foods. Traditional foods are so fascinating! I would love to learn to have a stronger gut and an ability to eat strong/odd tasting foods and enjoy them! I struggle with organ meats, gamey flavors, goaty flavors, you name it. Just getting myself to "remember" to take CLO is a feat around here (selective memory there!). I think the only interesting thing I've had is rattlesnake while camping.

What strange foods have you tried? Have you found TF recipes that you really like that are out of the typical American range of tastes? And how on earth do you learn to cook meat like the wonderful chefs in the show did? If I could cook like that, meat would probably be a little more exciting!
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I was raised in a moose-and-fish-eating family. That helped. And then my older half-brother married a Japanese woman when I was about 7 or 8, and we ate at their place a lot and so I got introduced to a whole pile of new flavours. Also, having an adventurous palate was always praised and admired by my family. As a child I was considered "picky" because I didn't like the fat on meat or mushrooms.
That was the extent of what I didn't eat! And you know, we just got some moose this fall and I *still* don't like the flavour of the fat! I'm learning to like mushrooms though. And as a child I wasn't overfond of salmon eggs either, although I ate the eyes and the milt when offered. I still don't particularly like the flavour of salmon eggs, but I love the texture and sometimes that's enough.

I think you have to start small, and to look at every new food as an adventure for your palate. It might be a bit scary, and it might not taste good - but you'll never know until you try! Start with "easier" strong flavours, like wild mushrooms, interesting cheeses, anchovies, smoked mackerel, different kinds of pate...?

I can't even think what the strangest thing I've eaten would be. Mosquitoes? (tasteless) Herring eyes? (taste like bland, mineraly, fishy watery jello) Something I have no idea what it was, but came in a dish DH's grandma ordered in a restaurant? (She's Chinese. We have awesome family dinners.)

As for how I learned to cook meat: The Two Fat Ladies. Find their cookbooks, and worship at the altar of their awesomeness.
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I wonder if it was my thread - about the wrestling episode? That one was hysterical!
You should check out No Reservations too, I think I like Anthony Bourdain better - he's gets a little deeper, in a weird, spiritual kinda way. I loved his episode with Ted Nugent!
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