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bizzare toddler behavior. need help.

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My dd is two next sunday. About two months ago, she had a wierd red bumpily rash on just the bottom of the feet. We took her to the doctor after it had been there a month. he said it was "damp sock-itis." He prescribed a steriod creme that we never even got. We sprayed it with vinager, then wiped it with tea tree oil. The red bumps went away and all the skin on the bottom of her feet peeled off. It's now healing. But for the past week or more she has been extremely whiney and upset. She nurses more and more frequently. all teh time really. and she tells me that her knees hurt. Yesterday she would stand up then immediately bend back over like her stomach really really hurt. It happened a few times. Now today, she doesn't want me to put her down. She'll stand up then cry "hold you baby!" she has walked today, so I know it's not that she can't. She just wants me to hold her constantly and carry her places. She has had no fever that I am aware of. And she'll have periods where she plays normally and happily. I just can't tell if there's something physical going on or if it's all emotional or what. But it's really worrying me, I'd love you ladies opinion on the matter. Oh and we go for her 2 yo check up on next monday, so I'll ask then anyway, but I just need some feedback now.
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I suspect the feet thing was a fungus and has nothing to do with her knees or whatever is hurting now.

Let me think about this.
well she was acting so bizzare still that I called and went right in to see a dr. She wouldn't walk hardly at all. She is normally very active and she only walked twice today. for very short periods. I was worried about something like leukemia, so I asked for a CBC. It came back normal, so *whew* I'm a little more comfortable now. The doc also requested a blood test that tests for inflamation (looking for juvinile rheumatoid arthritis I think). That comes back tomorrow. He told me he thinks it's from a little cold she had last week. I told him she had it before the cold. He says, then it's growing pains. Grrrr.... so basically he doesn't know, but won't say that. I'm keeping a close eye on it, but I could definately use any advice from mamas who might be familliar with something like this.
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I wouldnt rule out growing pains, but I also think it might possibly be ( and dont be too alarmed )
My oldest son had the same thing going on (except the rash that I can recall, though he may have had that too) at about age 2...they had no clue either and he was breastfed...I think it *was* a vitamin D deficiency (like the PP's link suggests). It went away after a couple days and never returned.

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Vita D deficience is very rare. Everything is basically fortified and if the child goes out into the fresh air every few days, it is almost impossible. I do hope she is better soon.
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