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black bugs eat arugala - HELP!

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Hi there - I've never posted in this specific topic before - but I could really use your help!

My little arugala plants are covered in little holes and there are little black shiny, winged bugs on them. They are right near the basil which seems to be unaffected.

what to do?

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Sounds like flea beetles. I have read that neem and insecticidal soap help. I used rotenone on my eggplants one year when completely overtaken by the creatures, rotenone is a botanical pest control but should still be used sparingly and only when necessary. Also, have read about using garlic, onion, and mint sprays. Not sure what the ratio of water to garlic, onion, or mint would be, but I bet you could look up a recipe for it very easily
I really like this idea and if I am bothered this year, plan on giving it a try
And, of course, when dealing with something like a delicate green, you should look up if it can handle certain methods.

I could be wrong but it does sound like flea beetles
Hope this helps!
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yep, sounds like flea beatles to me, too. they seem to like bitter leaves - we've only ever gotten them on arugala and radish tops. I haven't ever made an effort to get rid of them, just pull up the affected row and start again. For some reason, the second sowing is never affected.
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