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Black Cohosh inducer?????Desperate mom

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I am currently over 38 weeks and am a repeat c-section. I have been to hosp many times for labor pains, at first I was given the tributaline shot and then put on procardia, at 36 weeks I went off the procardia and now I have been back and forth for labor pains. The doc said it is not necassary for my water to break but simply for the contractions to be regular and grow in intensity, I have been doing this for some time now and the contractions do hurt but no dilation, but my cervix has turned almost to mush. I went last night and the only reason I was not taken to surgery was because my doc had another c-section planned for early morning and he did not want to do them both. I bought black cohosh in a pill form (thats all they had) it's 200mg per pill. I was wondering how to take it, if I should take it, and does it work? I'm desperate, I don't want to keep making these trips.
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I think you should count yourself really lucky that you have a doctor who is considerate enough of your baby and your body to do some labor before surgery.

I don't feel like black cohosh is going to work, and it could raise blood pressure.

Nipple stimulation might work better for you, but then again, I'd really recommend a hot bath, a glass of wine and some self-nurturing.
I agree w/ the pp...

My midwife suggested to me, Warm bath, have some spicey pizza, glass o'wine and sex...I surley was not in the mood for sex

but I did listen to a wonderful tape by a midiwfe called:Journeying through Pregnancy, I cannot speak more highly of this tape!!!
Sounds like you need some TLC

How about a nice walk in the woods w/your partner, a bath w/candles, make some yummy tea and journal to your new one on the way!
It worked for me: I journaled & listened to the tape that day and went into labor that night..

Happy birth vibes!!!!
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I just had a friend who used her new electric breast pump for nipple stimulation. 15 min on each side then she did it again a few hrs later. Beautiful baby girl!!
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