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Black line up my fingernail???

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I wonder if anyone has ever had this, or knows what might be causing it? I have a black line all the way up my index fingernail. It has grown up and is still growing out there. It looks like I drew a line on in marker pen, or got an oil smudge on it or something. I have had it a few weeks or a couple of months now. There are no signs of it going away.

My nails are generally in good condition - better than they have been in ages, they are strong, good colour, etc. I can't think what could be causing this.
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A few years ago, I had gotten a sliver under my thumbnail and a black line like you describe appeared. It was that way for about 3-4 years. Last fall, where the line was my nail started to turn white underneath and hurt really bad. I ended up with a staph infection underneath there and had to have a hole "drilled" in through the top of my mail to drain it. I lost my nail, but thankfully it didn't get worse. My nail has grown back and there's no line now.

I think it was just coincidental that it got infected, as the sliver/line incident happened years before. Just thought I'd relate.
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