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bleeding post partum

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I know that it is normal to bleed post partum any where from 1-6 weeks, but my last 4 post partum bleedings barely lastd 2 weeks, maybe some spotting after that. Corey is 3 weeks and 2 days old, and I am STILL bleeding RED and alot of it??? I guess I thought I would be done by now, usually by now we have laready started relations and everything... Anyone else have a post partum bleeding that was sooo different from there other ones??
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Sounds like you have a busy household!
I thought "red" bleeding at this point signals too much activity? Any chance you could slow it down a little? Probably not, huh?
Congrats, by the way!
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I agree, sounds like you need to slow down (easier said than done!). Make sure you are not anemic! I would probably discontinue intercourse for while until you stop bleeding as the site where your placenta was attached has apparently not healed yet.
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Thanks ladies, I never thought about slowing down,lol. Had him on a Saturday and was taking kids to school and the whole craziness Monday morn. Maybe will take easy for few days and see if the red goes away. I guess I always thought that was just for right after babies were born, so wierd, I went back to work when Jacob was 4 days old and didnt have this( another story...) Guess that means I am not mopping the kitchen today,lol
Yup, if your bleeding changes from brown red back to red it's a sure sign you need to slow down... your body's way of getting your attention!

Take it easy mama! Can you lay down with the babe for a nap while the kids are at school?
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