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Bleeding. What is going on?!

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Does anyone have any insight into whats going on here? Last week (the 7th) I took a home pregnancy test which was positive, I took three more over the weekend which were all positive, and Last tuesday I had a lab test done which confirmed it. Since I couldnt get in to see a doctor until the 20th, I called my docs office to speak to a nurse to ask about some cramping and VERY light, brownish spotting I was having, She said she felt it was totally normal but had me come in for a qauntitive blood test, Later that night the spotting became red more like a period but was still pretty light...the next morning I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound, Both my bloodwork and my ultrasound showed everything to be developing fine. Told me to go back to work Friday and just kinda measure the amount of strain I put on myself. So last night I returned to work. By 2am ( I work thirds ) I was bleeding (no pain or cramping) as if I was on my period, I left work and went to the ER, They did bloodwork and a normal ultrasound. My blood was once again fine...HCG levels are higher than they were last week and the ultrasound showed the sac was still in the uterus. The ER doc put me off work and said to relax until my next appt (next week) and that he really couldnt give me a reason as to why I'm bleeding. No matter what they told me in the ER, it still doesnt make me feel any better to see blood when I go to the bathroom, Does anybody have any similiar exsperiences or anything to input into this? This is my first pregnancy, and They said I'm at about 5 1/2 Weeks.
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Hugs, momma.

I believe there's a thread around here called "When the bleeding was o.k." (or something along those lines). I'd recommend reading that. I think it's positive that there isn't any cramping to go along with the blood.

Relax and stay positive.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you.
I'm sorry, it's called "When the spotting was okay". I tried to include the link but just couldn't figure it out.
Thanks. That made me feel alot better to read the stories of actual mommas instead of having an ER doc tell me to relax.
I'm sorry, there really isn't much more than can be done right now. The waiting must be hard
I hope that you can find a heartbeat via US sometime in the next week or so. Right now (at 5 weeks) the heart is just starting to beat, so it's really too early to tell anything besides the yolk sac that they said they had found, the baby is just too small. Take it easy and try not to worry too much.
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Hey Lindsay-

Just wondering how everything turned out.

I had fairly heavy bleeding without cramps, then spotting for two days at 7.5 weeks. Also had an ultrasound and things looked great. I'm now 8.5 weeks, but a little shaken and wondering if was a sign of something to come.

I hope everything is still good with you! Any updates?
I had bleeding more than spotting at what I thought was 10wks (turned out to be 8wks) It was explained to me that, though it's different in intesity for every woman, there is a "wound" that occurs during the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine tissues.

As the embryo grows and as the cells that become the placenta start to form there becomes a "bubble" of sorts, that is filled with the blood from the implantation site. When the placenta is forming it will break through this bubble to get to the uterine blood vessels.

This causes the spotting / release of blood at 8-10wks. It can be "spotty" for weeks. I had a large amount of bright red blood and it lasted on and off for 3.5wks.

I'm due 7/7/07 and have had no complications other than an insatiable hunger
for protien!!!
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I had bleeding/spotting at each month (when I normally would have gotten my period) for the first 2-3 months. In fact the reason that I found out I was pregnant was that 2 days into my "period" it just wasn't quite as heavy as it usually was...turns out it was because I was pregnant (and thrilled!)! It was TOTALLY scary to be bleeding, but my midwife kept telling me that there's nothing I could really do about it except relax. Now I have a healthy, happy 7 month old--over 10lbs when born--so it's totally possible to have bleeding be okay. No less scary though, I hope everything is all right with you!
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