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I just found out I am expecting in November. My period would have been due this week, although I had a positive test yesterday already.

Now I am bleeding. Just a tiny bit on the toilet paper after I go. It's pinkish-clear. Is this normal? I did not bleed at all with my first pregnancy.

Thanks, I am really freaked out!!!
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It was certainly normal for me. I bled when I should have had my next period, enough to make me think it was a period, and then the weekend after, and even more throughout my pregnancy.

Everytime I went to the bathroom I would fear seeing pink or red on the tp after wiping. My cause we figured out: BV, so take a probiotic!
But: I'm 35w now and haven't bled in over six weeks (yay!).

I would tell you not to worry, especially since it's just a tiny bit. And it is quite common as I've read...but I do know how scary it is.
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Totally scary. I went to the ER, and after FIVE hours (ridiculous) they told me it could be an ectopic or a threated miscarriage. Duh. I am more worried now than ever!!

I should have just stayed home, but since I was cramping and had some blood come out, I went to the doctor. Now I wish I hadn't. They couldn't see anything on the ultrasound, since I'm only 4 weeks, but I knew they wouldn't. So now I am left to sit and wonder...
Hard to do this but I spotted (and still do) early and my MWs said "watch and wait". Keep tabs on any changes, breath and think positive about the pregnancy. It could be implantion that is taking place.
Oh - hugs to you. As early as you are, it could definitely be implantation bleeding (I had that with my first pregnancy, but not with any of the others).

Sending lots of sticky baby vibes...hang in there...
I hope everything is ok. I had some bleeding at about 4 weeks with this pg and totally freaked out, but it turned out everything was ok and I'm now at 22 weeks. Hang in there, and good luck!
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