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I found this poem/blessing on the internet last night while searching for some sort of burial ritual examples for my baby, Karis. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with everyone. I dont know who the author is. : (

Mother of life,
Mother of death,
here is a spirit so new that the gates of life and death are just an archway in her dancing ground.
She has danced her way back to you.
Her passage is easy but mine is hard.
I wanted to hold her living flesh and feel her soft breath and her heartbeat.
I nurtured her in my body;
I would have fed her from my breasts.
I would have cared for her and watched her first steps and listened for her voice.
No other child that may come to me will ever be what she would have been.
Nothing, nobody, will ever replace her.
Whatever healing I may find, this loss will always be a part of me.
Bless my womb, which has the power to create life and death.
Bless my arms that would have embraced her.
Bless my hands that would have lifted her.
Bless my heart that grieves.
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