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block feeding when back at work?

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So I am back at work now 4 days a week, 8 hours - and am pumping. I had been still block feeding since my supply is super easily encouraged into oversupply any time I try and reduce the hours (I do 6 hour blocks)

at work, the last three days Ive been keeping that schedule - pumping one side only though I combine the 11am and 1pm feedings into one pumping of both breasts.

so far, I make about 11/12oz a day. My son is still getting used to the bottle so he's only drinking around 7/8oz, but I hope this increases.

should I be concerned about supply? I know folks have trouble keeping supply up w/ pumping instead of feeding, so maybe I should do both breasts each time? I am just worried I'd then drown the LO when I got home if they react they way they do if I don't block feed.

Plus, I have no idea when I should be able to stop anyway. He still chokes at letdown occasionally, but I hear that can be unrelated to supply. I get engorged occasionally but w/ block feeding that's bound to happen, right? You are letting one breast go for a while. So I can't tell how I should know that I've 'regulated' enough. Do folks just stop and then see how things are to tell when to stop? It takes a while for my breasts to go down when block feeding is the thing (a week) but not very long for them to get super engorged, so it makes a week of very messy fussy feedings if I'm wrong about stopping. (I've tried it once already)
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