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Blood between placenta and uterus?

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De-lurking to say hi and ask a question.

The first bit of this post would probably fit in better in the "I'm New Here" thread, so I'll probably just do a double post. I'm Autumn, 19 weeks pregnant (it's a girl!) with my first (had a miscarriage in September of 2003), with an EDD of Oct. 29.

First off, I'd like to say that I absolutely love this forum. You all seem so wonderful, knowledgable, and exactly the type of people that I'd like to get to know. It's so great to have finally found a place where I feel like I fit in. I'm from a tiny town in Louisiana, and when I mention co-sleeping, breast-feeding, cloth diapering, slinging, etc., people automatically start in with the "you don't want to do that's," and the "you'll be sorry's."

Anyway, I'll get to the point. I've been having a few problems with this pregnancy : spotting, excessive cramping, yeast and bacterial infections, debilitating headaches, and slightly elevated blood pressure. I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor when I was 16 weeks, and the ultrasound showed blood between my placenta and uterus. The doctor said that though it isn't *normal*, it is fairly common, and should probably clear up on its own. I went for my eighteen week u/s a few days ago (turns out I'm farther along than they thought) and it's still there. They didn't say whether it was any bigger or not, and to be honest, I wasn't completely satisfied with the answers I got. I'm wondering if there's anyone else on the board that has been through this, and if so, do you have any advice? Is there anything I should avoid doing, or anything I can do to help fix the problem? I should have asked more questions about it, but I had so many others already planned out that it sort of slipped my mind. (That's been happening a lot lately...looks like I have a definite case of "mommy brain"!) Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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It's called a subchorionic hemorrhage. It's noticed mostly by u/s, and is becoming more common now that women are undergoing more u/s in pregnancy.

I've had a couple clients that have had it in early pregnancy, but went on to have healthy pregnancies and beautiful home births.

(Never underestimate the power of the placenta! If there's a portion that abrupts - or separates - from the uterus, it will create more new sites on the uterus to make up for it. It's why smokers have larger - though thinner - placentas in pregnancy!)

Our bodies are amazing things. It's what most OBs have created that makes us distrust them.
Thanks for the info! You told me more in a short post than the doctor told me during a thirty minute visit. I have had more ultrasounds than normal (practically one at every visit), but I think it's because they had me classified as high-risk in the beginning, and also because I've had two episodes of spotting in the last couple of months. The baby was too far down and curled up during the last one, so I have to go back on the 23rd for yet ANOTER u/s to check on the umbilical cord. It's a little worrying, especially since I've been reading a few articles on the uncertainties of ultrasound related problems, but hopefully this will be the last one for the rest of my pregnancy.
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