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blood clots (not DVT) question

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I have a friend (potentially a client!) who has some minor/small blood clots. All are below the knees and are not deep vein thrombosis (as determined by her OB). They are a result of being on the pill a few years ago. Very painful when standing and walking. Manageable when she has her feet propped up. And she's only 7 weeks, so a long time to suffer. I have searched and searched about this and can only come up with DVT information.

Other than the standard DVT blood thinning medicines, what are her options? She does not want to take meds but does know the risk if one breaks free. But what can she do to naturally break them apart?

This may sound quite garbled but it's as clear as she could explain to me!
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Maybe homeopathics? I know a homeopath who does phone consults, whether in us or internationally. She's very experienced (30+ years). See

Also try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Even though the issue may not be directly emotional EFT works superbly on physical ailments as well. Takes a little bit of reading (they have a downloadable manual) to learn it, and it seems odd to those not used to it. However more and more docs, nurses, and laypeople use it and its even getting research attention. It combines acupressure points, NLP, and spoken suggestions. see She would do the tapping with suggestion phrases like, "even though I have these small blood clots..." or if there are emotional issues present, "even though these blood clots scare me..." etc.

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Try googling "superficial venous thrombosis" which is what her condition is usually described as. You may come up with quite a few references to thrombophlebitis too which may be relevant.

Does she wear any compression? If not it would be worth getting measured and buying some stockings as they would really ease her discomfort when standing as they improve venous return up the leg.

I wear a below knee stocking all day (after a DVT) and sleep with my legs up at night which really helps a lot with sewlling. Gether to put the end of her bed up or pur something under the mattress to raise it a foot or so. Pillows under my feet make my knees ache so I raise the whole mattress - dh doesn't mind it does him no harm!
I just attended a birth of a client who has this problem, severely. It arises with each pregnancy and each time is worse than the previous. She says she knows she is pregnant because the varicose veins swell and start to get painful. Honestly, she just puts up with them. Her doc ultrasounds them to make sure they are remaining superficial and other than elevating her legs she deals with it.

It was amazing to me, after the birth. Literally, within 15 minutes the swelling and most of the tiny veins had gone back to normal. By the next day, her leg was looking regular size, but bruised. Then by a week later, it was back to normal sans a few varicose veins that she always has.

Definitely, if your friends works, tell her not to be at a desk all day. That will make them so much worse and, walking is actually good for the veins, even if a little slow and painful. I am sure that there is probably an essential oil she could use, maybe you could google that.
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Thank you for some great suggestions! I'll do more googling.

She's a teacher, including dance. Let's hope that helps? Not sure if she'll wear the stockings.... it's over 100deg. every day.
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